A City With Major HVAC Problems

Do you know how to handle your broken HVAC system?

Many residents and business owners have been complaining about the amount of air conditioning repair Wilmington NC worked needed this summer.  Several people are saying that the companies that they have trusted for years simply are no longer meeting their standards of the past.

I have talked quite a few home and business owners and they both are saying the exact same thing.  That message is that the HVAC companies that usually handle their repair work just are not holding up like in the past.  Many of them are complaining that the heating and cooling contractor comes to fix the problem but a month later the same problem arises again.

I have talked to many heating and air companies about this issue and have gotten the same answer from almost all of them.  They are saying that they are so busy this year because everyone neglected to have their routine service call performed.  This is causing everyone’s unit to be having more serious issues than before.  The entire problem really lies with the neglection of the home and business owners toward their HVAC unit.

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  1. It is not always the fault of the contractor that the work does not hold up. Many times the HVAC system is just too old and people need a new one.

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