Replacing Heating and Air Parts

Do you need new parts for your air conditioner?

If your AC unit is broken you probably want the contact the closest HVAC supply house near you.  There you should be able to find all of the heat pump and air conditioning repair parts you need.  They will have both used and new parts available so you must make a decision on which one you would like.

New parts are going to cost a little more money then used ones but are well worth in the long run in my opinion.  If you do decide to go with the used furnace or air conditioner parts then you may want to hire someone to install them.  The problem with used parts is that they are not under warranty.  This means if the part is a dud and does not work you will not be able to get your money back and will have to buy another part.

For this reason alone is why I recommend using only new heating and cooling repair parts.  If you buy it brand new it will come with a warranty and be replaced for no extra charge if it does not work.

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  1. Often times if you buy the heating and cooling supplies yourself it can save you a lot of money because you only need to find a company to install it from there.

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