Supplying Your Heating & Air Needs

Do you need repair parts for your AC & furnace system?

If your heating and cooling system have stopped working you may want to contact an HVAC store before calling your local AC repair company.  Many times you can get the repair parts needed much cheaper through a locally certified heat pump and air conditioning dealer.  If you buy the parts directly from one of the air conditioning contracting companies they will most likely mark up the prices to help them gain a bigger profit on their end.

Now, even if you do buy the parts from a dealer you will still need to hire someone to install the parts you just purchased.  But before you can begin the installation process or even buy the parts needed you must first know what is exactly wrong with your central air system.  The best way to figure this out is to contact an AC contractor and have them come and perform a service call on your unit.  This should give you the knowledge on what parts you need to buy for the repair work.

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  1. Many times HVAC stores raise the prices compared to a distributor so before making your purchase you may want to check with a distributor and compare the prices.

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